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While you are having fun answering a few questions, Ecopal checks your eco footprint. We show how you compare with your pals and help you change your lifestyle. Learn to live green in harmony with our planet!

Learn, how green you are

How you can make an impact?


Do you know how much energy you consume at home?
It’s time to change your energy provider and go for renewable energy or even install solar panels and go off-grid.
You may not be able to switch out all of your household goods but you can switch to energy saving lamps. Then male a plan to replace your appliances with low energy ones.
Rethink your heating and cooling solutions and consider downsizing your living space. Less is more! For the planet.


Try to buy food that is in season, rather than food that has been frozen or shipped from another area of the world.
Buy local as much as possible. Supporting farmers in your region and reduce your carbon footprint.
Think twice if your really need to eat a lot of meat. Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health, wallet and our planet. Show that you care and eat less meat or go vegan.


Try walking bicycling, or using public transportation.
Carpool with friends and colleagues. If you need your own a car, switch to a small electric one or a scooter.
Avoid burning fossil fuels for transportation, that is really bad for the environment.
Flying is the most damaging way to travel for the climate. Rethink the way you travel, spend your holidays in the region and go by train. This is good for your carbon footprint and  the environment.


Buy less and be conscious of where your money goes. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself: "Do I really need this, will I use it?”
Forget plastic bags and avoid plastic packaging,  this is poison for the nature.
Reuse anything you can and recycle what you can’t reuse. Consider buying and selling used stuff.
Sharing is caring. We are ecopals for the nature.

It’s time to act together for climate, mother nature and our future!

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